Since its spring again, I recently started to think about the next big project for my home. This year I decided to do something a little different because of a bit of really interesting information I learned recently about a part of the house I never really understood. Because I plan on owning my home for a long time, I really want to take care of it. Part of that involves keeping the exterior up to stop the elements from damaging it.

This year my project of choice is to have new gutters and gutter guards by Blue Ridge Exteriors for my home. I never really understood the importance of gutters until recently when I went to read up on different home improvement projects online. I always though gutters were a superficial thing that went on a home because people didn’t want to step in rain puddles around their house. It always just seemed like the shape of roofs would naturally drain water away but this just inst the case.

One of the main benefits of having gutters is to prevent water from getting in your home through your windows, doors, and roof. When water builds up it can start to rot away things like wooden siding and windows. Rain water when trickling down the side of your home can also create unsightly discoloration and can carry dirt as well that sticks on the side of your house.

The most important function of gutters I believe has to do with the foundation of your house. Apparently, when there is too much water building up around the base of your home the sail underneath your house can expand and contract over and over causing erosion  With erosion  your home can actually become unstable and parts of your home can start to have more stress put upon them and be even more susceptible to flooding and other damage.

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