I have a home in Westchester, NY, and my windows are always getting holes or small cracks. I did not want to spend money to replace the whole window so I decided to research some DIY fixes. I found a couple different ways for temporary and permanent repair. These are very basic repairs and are not guaranteed to make your windows invincible; but they will help until your window has enough wear and tear that it would be cost efficient to replace.

Temporary Fix

Take a strip of clear strapping tape or masking tape and place the tape over the crack or hole on the outside of the window. Either type of tape will work but I would suggest using the clear strapping tape because it is water proof. Using this temporary fix will prevent the crack from spreading through the rest of your window and keep the rain out of your home, until you are ready to replace your windows.

Permanent Fixes

You want to dab a thin layer of clear nail polish into your window’s crack or hole and allow it to dry. Continue this process over and over again until the crack or hole is level with the rest of the glass. The great thing about this is that the fix is not visible and will last longer than the tape method. Take water proof silicone sealer and fill the crack or hole in the window. Take a putty knife or an old gift card and smooth out the silicone sealer so that the repair is level with the rest of the glass. Repeat these steps until you have a nice smooth surface. This has the same benefits of the nail polish but I would recommend the water proof silicone sealer.

If you find that none of these fixes are working or you just have way too many repairs I would recommend getting a window replacement. If you live in Westchester, NY, and you need to replace your window glass then I would go to the internet to search for a reputable company. Look at reviews before choosing a contractor and then have one of their trained technicians come out and give you an estimate for your replacement windows.

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