Granite is the perfect go-to material for bathroom and kitchen countertops, providing a high quality and unique appearance at a reasonable cost, with relatively stress-free maintenance. The versatility of the material means that it works well for large kitchen counters that will see a lot of daily action for food preparation. But granite is just as suitable for bathrooms, offering a great finish for counters that will help make the room have its own strong identity.

Granite is a hard igneous rock that is in wide supply, and has long been popular for use as construction material. Granite co


I have a home in Westchester, NY, and my windows are always getting holes or small cracks. I did not want to spend money to replace the whole window so I decided to research some DIY fixes. I found a couple different ways for temporary and permanent repair. These are very basic repairs and are not guaranteed to make your windows invincible; but they will help until your window has enough wear and tear that it would be cost efficient to replace.

Temporary Fix

Take a strip of clear strapping tape or masking tape and place the tape over the crack or hole on the outside of the window. Either type


Since its spring again, I recently started to think about the next big project for my home. This year I decided to do something a little different because of a bit of really interesting information I learned recently about a part of the house I never really understood. Because I plan on owning my home for a long time, I really want to take care of it. Part of that involves keeping the exterior up to stop the elements from damaging it.

This year my project of choice is to have new gutters and gutter guards by Blue Ridge Exteriors for my home. I never really understood the importance of gutters